Biographic Notes

LUCIANO GABRIELLI, born in Pietrasanta (Lucca) in 1940, attended the state High School of Art of his own town. For many years after his studies, he worked and cooperated with several sculptors to the realization of works made of marble or stone of national and international present-day famous artists. At the same time, he carried out the artistic research of his own marble sculpture. He taught "Plastic Subjects" in the teaching post of Figure and Modelled Ornamental design at the state High School of Art in Novara. The first research period was characterized by the synthesis of the human figure through planes and lines as expression of movement and formal elegance. In mid-eighties his researches experienced an expressive change, the classics used for his own first studies come back to his mind so that a much more figurative dimension takes shape slowly merging it with some elements of the previous research. Although in most cases his sculptures have been realized in marble, today he uses different materials, such as wood, resins and others. His long activity allowed him to place his public works in schools, churches and State buildings.